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Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) is a student association that provides students the possibilities of additional professional education, contact with future employers, work in international teams, getting to know European cultures, developing tolerance and improving organizational skills.



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BEST Zagreb

The very beginning of the BEST Zagreb dates back to 1998., when students of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture decided to found it. Thanks to a further initiative, BEST Zagreb was officially registered as an association in 1999.

Today, BEST Zagreb is present at almost all technical and technological faculties of the University of Zagreb and has gained the status of one of the most successful and most active local BEST groups in Europe. Currently, BEST Zagreb has more than three hundred members, of whom over 30 are active members, and the rest are alumni – once students and BEST members, today successful engineers. Constant contact with alumni allows us to transfer all the knowledge that we are constantly improving and using successfully.


Local BEST group Zagreb is extremely thankful to the University of Zagreb for all of their support. Without their help, it would be practically impossible to organise an event of such magnitude.

The University of Zagreb is the largest Croatian university and the oldest continuously operating university in the area covering Central Europe south of Vienna and all of Southeastern Europe. The university was officially founded 23rd of September 1669.
In 1999., the University decided to implement European Credit Transfer System - ECTS. When Croatia signed to be a part of The Bologna declaration, all of the universities in Croatia adopted this system of easily readable and comparable degrees.
Today, the University offers 160 undergraduate programmes (ba/bsc), 22 integrated undergraduate-graduate programmes, 9 vocational undergraduate programmes, 174 graduate programmes (ma/msc), 1 vocational graduate programme, 72 doctoral programmes (PhD) and 165 specialist postgraduate programmes.

We are hoping that this collaboration will continue growing over the upcoming years and stretch over many more projects of BEST Zagreb.

Further education

Don't just rely solely on the knowledge gained in college because with BEST you'll have the opportunity to experience working on many projects from different fields.


By organizing or participating in BEST projects, you'll have the opportunity to travel all over Europe.

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Through your area of interest, develop your business skills while on the road.

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Become part of our team to expand your circle of acquaintances, friends and even business contacts.

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